Modern and Minimal Bathrooms

Modern and minimal bathrooms are a classic look that may never go out of style, but 2017 is also bringing in some new personality with texture, color and quirky accessories. Think: textured tile, old world faucets and mixed materials that’ll turn your room into a mini sanctuary or home spa.

Kitchen Countertop Options

Thinking of redoing the kitchen?  Deciding what look you want for the countertops, and more importantly what material to use, is one of the most impactful decisions you will make.  Not just from a look and feel, but from a cost standpoint, too. 

Tips for Planning Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Renovating a bathroom can bring a lot of benefits to your home, including raising its value.  Beyond selling price it can help while remain in your home, improving the functionality of the room and giving it a fresh new look. Despite this, plans to upgrade can often we delayed because of the time and energy needed to get the project finished.

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